Sunday, June 7, 2020

How To Convert Base 64 to Image in Xamarin


This blog, we are going to learn how to convert Image to base 64 and vice versa. The lot of struggle with converting a string to bitmap image and Image to base 64 string format conversion. I’ll share the code I used in my last project, that exactly worked for in all the cases.   

First, we can see how to convert,  base64 string to Image. For the first time, I hear this base 64 string, I thought that was very tough, but that is not like that, it is very easy. The C# code I used for my project is given below.  

Now, we can change Image to base64 string to image conversion, this code is given below.   

The Full code is given below

Thanks for reading this. If, you get an exception, comment below.  

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